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Néhány termék kínálatunkból
Ár:  6 367 Ft
Leírás: Published: 15 March 2012448 PAGES119 x 239szállítási határidő: 1 hét First edition Green Guide South Korea delivers a country bristling with UNESCO World Heritage sites and its own National Treasures. Enjoy Seoul, an energetic modern city with ancient palaces, shopping malls and food stalls. Explore Buddhist temples, shamanist shrines and fascinating folk villages. Discover Korea's cultural heritage through its art, crafts, cuisine and markets. Visit its diverse landscapes from Seoraksan national park to beautiful island Jeju-do and Suncheon s wetlands. Whatever you choose, Michelin's celebrated star-rating system makes sure you see the best of South Korea.
Ár:  4 725 Ft
Leírás: térkép1: 25 00095 x 67 cmKiadva: 2013Szállítási határidő: 2 hét Mt Pilion in a series of waterproof and tear-resistant hiking maps at scales varying from 1:50,000 to 1:10,000, with a UTM grid for GPS users. Contour interval varies depending on the scale, on most maps it is 20m. Relief shading, spot heights, springs, seasonal streams and, in most titles, landscape/land-use variations, e.g. forests, orchards, or vineyards provide additional information on the terrain. Place names are given in both Greek and Latin script.Local footpaths, hostels and mountain huts are clearly marked. For road users intermediate driving distances and petrol stations are shown. Symbols highlight places of interest, including archaeological sites, churches and monasteries, etc. The maps have a UTM grid and margin ticks for latitude and longitude. Map legend includes English.In this title: Mt Pilion and its surroundings, including the Aegean Sea coast and the Pagasitikos Gulf. Coverage extends west to the middle of Volos, south-east to Neochori and north to Zagora.On the reverse is a simplified version of the same map without the topographic detail, simply highlighting roads and hiking routes. For the latter, routes are numbered and their respective altitude ranges and walk durations listed. Brief notes about the local footpath network are in Greek and English.
Ár:  4 000 Ft
Leírás: spirál atlaszkülönféle méretarányokkal
Ár:  2 200 Ft
Leírás: térkép1 : 50 000128 x 194VKÚ Harmanec The map is made in scale 1:50 000. The map displays the "WGS-84" grid which affords using of GPS devices. The map has separated map and text part. The text part is in Slovak lanquaqe. o hiking and cycling paths o time data o winter tourism o route-identification objects o legends in five languages o graphic card to easy measuring distances and coordinates o size of a folded map is 128 x 194 mm
Ár:  3 990 Ft
Leírás: zsebatlasz1:12 000méret: 11x16cmLiber Kartor Gothenburg/Göteborg in a handy size, indexed pocket atlas from Liber Kartor with diagrams of the public transport networks, a road map of the city’s environs, and ferry connections between the nearby islands.The plan shows the city with its network of tram routes (line numbers are not given) and ferry connections. Main public buildings are highlighted and named, and streets are shown with selected house numbers for easier identification of addresses. There is no map legend but all information is self-explanatory. Street index includes a list of useful phone numbers.Also provided are diagrams of tram lines plus regional bus and train networks, a road map of the city’s environs at 1:488,000 and a map of ferry routes connecting the nearby islands.
Ár:  1 790 Ft
Leírás: 5 cm x 200 cmszín: kék és sárga Névjegytartóval ellátott bőröndre rögzíthető extra erős csomagszíj. Élénk színének köszönhetően könnyen felismerheti csomagjait.
Ár:  6 792 Ft
Leírás: duo földgömb13 cmnémet nyelvűStellanova
Ár:  3 450 Ft
Leírás: 1 : 25 000130 x 200Tabacco Casa Editrice Gradisca, Doberdň, Monfalcone, Duino, Aurisina, Sgonico, Monrupino, Sezana, San Dorligo della Valle, Muggia
Ár:  4 266 Ft
Leírás: 2nd EditionPublished: September 2014200 PagesSzállítási határidő: 1 hét If you are looking for evidence for the belief that size is not everything then Costa Rica should be your first port of call. What Costa Rica lacks in size, it more than makes up for in wildlife, scenery and adventure. Visit Costa Rica and you'll experience a tropical paradise of jungles and lagoons, thermal pools and Caribbean beaches; a land where hummingbirds congregate to drink nectar and sacred quetzal birds hide in treetops. Footprintfocus Costa Rica is brimming with information on adventure activities from diving to trekking, eco-friendly options for accommodation and comprehensive listings of where to eat, sleep and drink.Essentials section with tips on getting there and around.Includes fascinating insights into the history and culture of the country.Comprehensive listings of where to eat & sleep, plus information on festivals and activities.Detailed street maps for San José and other important towns and cities.Slim enough to fit in your pocket.