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Ár:  6 639 Ft
Leírás: Format: Flexibound (pp: 400)10th EditionPublication date: 1 January, 2017 Ireland packs many delights into its compact size and its main attractions - from the Wild Atlantic Way to its pubs and craic and numerous places of interest - are only the beginning. Be inspired to visit by the new edition of Insight Guide Ireland, a comprehensive full-colour guide to both the Republic and Northern Ireland.Inside Insight Guide Ireland:A fully-overhauled major new edition by our expert Irish author.Stunning, specially-commissioned photography that brings this fascinating country and its people to life. Highlights of the country's top attractions, including the art treasures of the Rijksmuseum and the picture-perfect small towns of Edam and Delft.Descriptive region-by-region accounts cover the whole country from the perennial favourite of Amsterdam to the sandy beaches in the country's north.Detailed, high-quality maps throughout will help you get around and travel tips give you all the essential information for planning a memorable trip.About Insight Guides: Insight Guides has over 40 years' experience of publishing high-quality, visual travel guides. We produce around 400 full-colour print guide books and maps as well as picture-packed eBooks to meet different travellers' needs. Insight Guides' unique combination of beautiful travel photography and focus on history and culture together create a unique visual reference and planning tool to inspire your next adventure.'Insight Guides has spawned many imitators but is still the best of its type.' - Wanderlust Magazine
Ár:  2 690 Ft
Leírás: várostérkép1: 10 000kiadva: 2009méret: 130 X 255freytag & berndt Genf részletes keményborítós térképe tíznyelvű jelmagyarázattal és számos turistainformációval.
Ár:  4 500 Ft
Leírás: turistatérkép1: 50 000kiadva 2015KOMPASS • Die 950,2 m hohe Wasserkuppe herrscht über die Hochrhön zwischen Hessen, Thüringen und Bayern. Dieses waldreiche Hochplateau blieb gewissermaßen als Erinnerung an die vulkanische Tätigkeit vor 25 Millionen Jahren.• Im Maßstab 1:25000 erscheinen die Relikte aus dieser feurigen Zeit ganz besonders exakt. Dazu zeigt die brandneue KOMPASS-Karte detailreich alles, was das Herz von Wanderern und Radfahrern erfreut: Wege und Straßen, Gasthöfe und Herbergen, Gipfel und Schluchten, Bahnlinien und Bushaltestellen. Der beigelegte Akiv Guide ergänzt das Blatt mit topaktuellen Infos und Tourentipps.• Der beigelegte Aktiv-Guide ergänzt das Blatt mit topaktuellen Infos und Tourentipps.Die KOMPASS Wanderkarten überzeugen durch• eine GPS-genaue und aktuelle Karte zur einfachen Orientierung • den beigelegten Kurzführer zu Wissenswerten in der Region• lesefreundliche Optik im idealen Maßstab von 1:25.000/1:35.000 oder 1:50.000• Herstellung auf robustem reiß- und wetterfesten Papier
Ár:  3 990 Ft
Leírás: Publication Date: 15 Jun 2016Page Count: 82Trim Size: 6" x 9"Color: Black and Whiteszállítási határidő: 2-3 hét Enjoy your trip to Italy with the Umbria Travel Guide: Sights, Culture, Food, Shopping & Fun.The Quick Trips to Italy Series provides key information about the best sights and experiences if you have just a few days to spend in the exciting destination of Umbria. So don't waste time! We give you sharp facts and opinions that are accessible to you quickly when in Umbria. Like the best and most famous sightseeing attractions & fun activities (including Perugia, San Lorenzo Cathedral, Maggiore Fountain, Palazzo dei Priori, Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria, Rocca Paolina, Gubbio, Palazzo dei Consoli, Museo Civico, Cathedral, Palazzo Ducale, Teatro Romano, Assisi, Basilica Santa Maria degli Angeli, Basilica di San Francesco, Tempio di Minerva, Rocca Maggiore, Eremo delle Carceri, Spoleto, Duomo, Ponte delle Torri, Casa Romana, Todi, Santa Maria della Consolazione, Piazza del Popolo, Todi Cathedral, Tempio di San Fortunato, Orvieto, Orvieto Cathedral, Lake Trasimeno, Castiglione del Lago, Panicale, Isla Polvese, Isla Maggiore, Vernazzano, Tuoro), where to experience the local culture, great local restaurant choices and accommodation for the budget-minded. Where to shop until you drop, party the night away and then relax and recover!Also included is information about the typical weather conditions in Umbria, Entry Requirements, Health Insurance, Travelling with Pets, Airports & Airlines in Italy, Currency, Banking & ATMs, Credit Cards, Reclaiming VAT, Tipping Policy, Mobile Phones, Dialling Code, Emergency numbers, Public Holidays in Italy, Time Zone, Daylight Savings Time, School Holidays, Trading Hours, Driving Laws, Smoking Laws, Drinking Laws, Electricity, Tourist Information (TI), Food & Drink Trends, and a list of useful travel websites.The Umbria Travel Guide: Sights, Culture, Food, Shopping & Fun - don't visit Italy without it!
Ár:  4 500 Ft
Leírás: útikalauzVargyas Antal396 oldalPallas-Akadémia Kiadó Megjelent a nagysikerű turisztikai zsebkönyv harmadik javított és bővített kiadása. Megtalálható benne minden olyan információ, amiről a turistának tudnia érdemes: székelyföldi műemlékek, templomok, várromok, kastélyok, udvarházak, természeti ritkaságok rövid leírása. Autóutak, turistaösvények, szállás- és étkezési lehetőségek. A könyvet magyar helynévmutató és román-magyar helynévszótár egészíti ki.
Ár:  11 250 Ft
Leírás: Format: PaperbackNumber of pages: 7842nd edition01 March 2011310 colour photos, 20 maps This title covers all the history from Alexander the Great to Hamid Karzai. It contains literary excerpts from Herodotus to the modern day. It is lavishly illustrated with rare archival material such as 19th century paintings and engravings from the Bodleian Library and the Royal Geographical Society. It is sumptuously produced with illustrations from renowned photographers, including Michael Yamashita, Roland and Sabrina Michaud, and Wilfred Thesiger. Additional material to this title is contributed by Afghanistan residents and frequent visitors. This is an essential reading for everyone with an interest in, or connection with, Afghanistan. It offers comprehensive up-to-date tourist information with realistic security assessments. Thanks to 20 years of civil war and its association with terrorism, Afghanistan is now unjustly considered by many in the West as a barbarous backwater. "Afghanistan: A Companion and Guide" aims to dispel this image in a comprehensive introduction to 3,500 years of Afghan culture. Starting with a full history of the country from 1500 BC, each wonderfully illustrated chapter looks at the major regions and cities, describing their distinctive cultural and ethnic traditions, their associations with poets, artists, travellers and holy men, as well as warriors and conquerors. A number of specialist essays by leading experts further present topics such as archaeology, architecture, carpets, miniature painting, food, music, flora and fauna. Experienced Afghan traveller Matthew Leeming contributes detailed information for those who intend to visit the country, with guides to specific cities and areas, as well as more general travel advice. This lavish publication reveals an immense treasury of cultural, historical and natural wealth - too frequently forgotten - that is Afghanistan.
Ár:  4 169 Ft
Leírás: térkép1: 570 00064 oldalIntersistem
Ár:  2 690 Ft
Leírás: várostérkép1: 9 000kiadva: 2008méret: 130 X 255freytag & berndt Thaiföld fővárosának részletes térképe tíznyelvű jelmagyarázattal és számos, a turisták számára fontos és érdekes épület vagy látnivaló feltüntetésével.
Ár:  11 295 Ft
Leírás: térkép1: 500 000szállítási határidő: 2 hét Azerbaijan at 1:500,000 from the locally based Baki Kartoqrafiya Fabriki on a contoured map showing the country’s road and rail networks, oil and gas pipelines, internal administrative divisions, etc.Topography is shown by contours at 100m intervals with additional relief shading and spot heights. Colouring and/or graphics indicate deserts, swamps and marshland, different types of forests, etc. Coastal waters have bathymetric contours and show locations of oil/gas rigs.Road network includes local roads, gives driving distances on main routes and indicates border crossings. On roads across mountain passes altitude and opening months are marked. Railway lines are shown with stations and coastal ferry routes are included. Also marked are oil and gas pipelined. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 20’ and 30’ respectively.