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Néhány termék kínálatunkból
Ár:  6 750 Ft
Leírás: chart1:60,000Last printed: December 2006szállítási idő: 1 hét Sheet size 640 x 900mm. Waterproof. Folded in plastic wallet or flat.Plans include: Cul-de-Sac MarinHavre de la Trinite
Ár:  3 400 Ft
Leírás: Lépték: 1: 45,000egy oldalas 1000 x 715 mm10-20 színes kép New Holland Publishers szállítási határidő: 3 hét This large fold-out travel map of Ko Samui and S. Thailand allows you to locate cities, towns, major roads and scenic routes, airports, hotels, golf courses, holiday resorts, parks and nature reserves. In addition, the reverse sides incorporate area maps and town and city plans of the major centres.
Ár:  5 355 Ft
Leírás: térképméret: 700x1000, self-cover. 1:100,000, inset 1:400,000Szállítási határidő: 2 hét Topographic map of this highland region in the south west of the country, with notes for visitors. The cartography is based on Russian military mapping, and complemented by more recent survey work. Road detail distinguishes surfaced and unsurfaced roads, ill-defined routes and paths. Relief is shown by contours at 40m intervals, with additional spot heights and elements indicating escarpments, rock towers, sand, dunes, seasonally flooded areas, waterholes, cultivated land, and areas of palm trees and sparse vegetation. Hill ranges and wadis are named, and built up areas and border post are shown. The main map at 1:100,000 map covers an area of approximately 68x93km, from latitude 24°30'N to 25°20'N, and from longitude 10°10'E to 10°50'E. The towns of Ghat and Al Barkat appear on the western edge. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 5' intervals. On the reverse is a smaller map at 1:400,000 which continues the coverage northwards to include Al Awainat. The map legend is in English and French. Also on the reverse: notes (in English and French) on access to the area, and on its geography and cave art sites. Eighty-five of the latter sites are listed, and some are marked on the map.
Ár:  5 180 Ft
Leírás: Cover Paperback - LaminatedEdition SecondExpandPublished 8 Oct 2007Originally Published 8 Oct 2007Szállítási határidő: 1 hét Early one morning in the autumn of 1878 RLS set out from the sleepy village of Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille with his donkey, Modestine, to traverse the Velay and Cévennes to the small town of Saint-Jean-du-Gard in the south. Robert Louis Stevenson’s account of his 140-mile trek through southern France has long captured the imagination of walkers and lovers of literature alike. Today, the RLS Trail has become a classic route across the hills and along the valleys of this delightful region of rural France.The route, which is well served by accommodation of all types, is divided into twelve day-stages in the guide, so that the Trail easily fits into a fortnight’s holiday. The book includes details of the facilities for the traveller and places of interest en route, together with a detailed route description and an account of Stevenson’s adventures with Modestine. For those with more time available, trails that link the beginning and end of the route are also described, making it is possible to walk all the way from the historic town of Le Puy to Alés.Packed with snippets of fascinating information about this historic region, the guide is also of use to cyclists and motorists keen to trace a parallel road route, following in the footsteps of Stevenson and Modestine.
Ár:  4 120 Ft
Leírás: 1 : 75 000100 oldalEsterbauer Verlag Zwischen Main und Tauber (388 km)Verträumte Flussauen, alte Städte voller Geschichte und Natur pur – und abends bei einem Gläschen Frankenwein die Füße hochlegen und die Eindrücke des Tages Revue passieren lassen – was begehrt ein Radlerherz mehr?
Ár:  6 360 Ft
Leírás: térkép1 : 25 000Institut Geographique NationalSzállítási határidő: 2 hét
Ár:  2 790 Ft
Leírás: térkép1: 18 000SHOCart
Ár:  3 990 Ft
Leírás: autótérkép turisztikai információkkal1: 1 200 000Hallwag A fókuszban a Grand Canyon, a Bryce és a Colorado.Nemzeti parkok részletes térképei és várostérképek gazdagítják az amerikai régiókról készült térképeket. Találhatunk egy, a jelentősebb városok közti útvonaltervezőt valamint egy információs kalauzt A-tól Z-ig.
Ár:  3 899 Ft
Leírás: térképPublished: 01 February 20081:1 000,000 98x68cmSzállítási határidő: 10 nap This is the latest segment of Mexico justifying an ITMB map. The border states between the USA and Mexico are of significant economic and travel importance, being some of the most traversed border crossings in the world. Touristically, northwestern Mexico appeals to desert lovers, with resort towns along the coast and arid ranch areas inland. The rail trip through the Copper Canyon is one of Mexico’s highlights and, yes, the hairless miniature shivering dog actually originates from Chihuahua. Printed double-sided on paper.