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Néhány termék kínálatunkból
Ár:  2 600 Ft
Leírás: kisméretű falitérképméret: 68 x 49 cmStiefel Eurocart
Ár:  4 725 Ft
Leírás: térkép1 : 1 000 00086x107cmInstitut Geographique National Road map of the country with relief shading and colouring indicating different types of vegetaion and terrain: forest, grassland, marches, areas liable to flooding. Road and rail connections are shown, with a separate distance table between main centres of population. A large diagram shows the administrative divisions of the country. Latitude and longitude are shown in the margins at 1 degree intervals. The legend is in French only.
Ár:  3 450 Ft
Leírás: 1 : 25 000130 x 200Tabacco Casa Editrice Terenten, Kkiens, Pfalzen, St. Lorenzen, Gais, Percha, Olang / Terento, Chienes, Falzes, S. Lorenzo di S., Gais, Perca, Valdaora
Ár:  3 330 Ft
Leírás: 1st EditionMar 2012110 pagesszállítási határidő: 1 hét Moon Spotlight Ko Samui & the Andaman Coast is an 110-page compact guide covering the lower southern Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman coast. Author Suzanne Nam offers her seasoned advice on must-see attractions, and includes maps with sightseeing highlights so you can make the most of your time. This lightweight guide is packed with recommendations on entertainment, shopping, recreations, accommodations, food, and transportation, making navigating these idyllic stretches of coast uncomplicated and enjoyable.
Ár:  5 400 Ft
Leírás: térkép1: 50 000 84 x 54 cmPublished: 31 Dec 1998Szállítási határidő: 2 hét Double-sided sheet combining three maps of the mountain at various scales, drawings of its peaks annotated with hiking and climbing routes, and information on for hikers and climbers. The main map at 1:50,000 and an enlargement of the peak area at 1:25,000 have contours at 50m intervals, show glaciers, scree, cliffs and rocky ridges, as well as different types of vegetation, plus hiking and climbing routes, shelters and unmanned huts, rangers' posts, etc. Neither map has geographical coordinates. A separate inset at 1:400,000 shows the roads around Mt Kenya and access to it from local villages, indicating accommodation, medical facilities, petrol stations, etc. Latitude and longitude are marked at 30' intervals.On the reverse there are diagrams showing the routes to the peaks from the south-west and the north, with more detailed diagrams for the North Face standard route and the south-east face of the Nelion summit, all with path and climbing routes indicating the degree of difficulty. Extensive text in English, French, German and Italian provides general information on the routes, climate, flora and fauna, plus advice on equipment and some useful contact details.
Ár:  5 850 Ft
Leírás: 8th Edition / Sep 2015 264 pp fullcolour / 27maps Next scheduled release date: September 2018OLVASS BELE: Dubai and Abu Dhabi pulse with verve, ambition and the ability to dream up and realise the most extreme of projects: the world’s tallest building, a palm-tree-shaped island and the world’s fastest roller coaster. Visiting these cities feels like a trip to the future.Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice:inspirational images, city walks and recommendations from our expert authorsplanning features and top itineraries to help you plan the perfect triplocal secrets and hidden travel gems that will make your trip uniqueplus a detailed shopping guide, info on the best dining options and a feature on travelling with childrenCoverage Includes: Planning chapters, Deira, Bur Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Jumeirah, New Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Day Trips, Understand and Survival chapters.
Ár:  3 800 Ft
Leírás: térkép1: 8 50073x54cmBlay-Foldexszállítási határidő: 2 hét Street plan of Epernay, part of an extensive series covering French cities and towns from Blay-Foldex, the country’s largest, oldest and most experienced publisher of urban mapping. The plans include outer suburbs and, where appropriate, adjoining localities forming part of the urban agglomeration. The plans show one way streets, car parks, pedestrian zones, and, as appropriate, metro and/or tram stops. Important public buildings are clearly marked and identified.Plans of larger cities are usually double-sided and come with a separate booklet which has an enlargement for the town centre and a street index with separate lists of “edifices publics”: main public buildings, places of worship, schools, sport facilities, stations, etc. Each of the outer suburbs or the adjoining localities, identified with its postcode, has a separate index. The booklet also includes brief notes about the city and its places of interest, lists of main hotels with addresses and phone numbers, and lists of public transport lines. In plans of smaller towns the enlargement and all this information is provided on the reverse of the main map. All the text is in French only.COMPARING BLAY and IGN STREET PLANS:- Blay plans usually have a better enlargement for the town centre, presenting the area in more clearly defined, traditional cartography. Most of the plans are on slightly smaller size sheets than the corresponding IGN maps.- IGN plans better identify main routes leading into and/or across town centres.
Ár:  7 200 Ft
Leírás: térkép + kalauz1. Auflage 2015Wohnmobil-VerlagSzállítási határidő: 2 hét TOURENKARTEN10 erlebnisreiche Touren führen Sie durch Württemberg und die Schwäbische Alb - vom Naturpark Schwäbisch-Fränkischer Wald bis zum Bodensee. Präzise Karten helfen bei der Orientierung unterwegs - mit Angaben zu allen beschriebenen Attraktionen.NATUR ERLEBEN, WANDERNAusführlich beschriebene Ausflüge, Wanderungen und Fahrradtouren geben Anregungen für Ihre Urlaubsgestaltung.KULTURSCHÄTZE, STÄDTEEntdecken Sie mit uns faszinierende Landschaften, reizvolle Städte, bedeutende Klöster, prachtvolle Kirchen, stolze Ritterburgen und herrschaftliche Schlösser im Südwesten Deutschlands.BADENLassen Sie sich zu den schönsten Badeseen wie z.B. bei Urbach und Laupheim, zu Erlebnis- und Thermalbädern wie z.B. Bad Überkingen führen.WOMO-SERVICEWir beschreiben 440 Plätze zum Übernachten mit GPS-Koordinaten - natürlich auch die besten Campingplätze. Wir zeigen Ihnen Parkmöglichkeiten in den Städten für den Citybesuch.
Ár:  8 640 Ft
Leírás: laminált térkép1: 50 000méret: 1000 x 480ExpressMapszállítási határidő: 3-4 hét Darlowo and environs in a series covering Poland's best hiking areas on waterproof and tear-resistant, laminated maps, specially designed to withstand repeated re-folding and even the worst weather conditions. Each map is double-sided and has clear, well presented cartography with a contoured base (20m interval) and, where appropriate, relief shading, graphic relief in rocky areas, and spot heights. Extensive overprint highlights waymarked hiking trails and on many titles also cycling, skiing or canoeing routes. Symbols show accommodation facilities including hotels, campsites, youth hostels, mountain refuges, etc., restaurants and bars in more remote areas, local bus stops, petrol stations, medical facilities, etc. Many titles include street plans of holiday resorts. The maps have either a UTM or latitude/longitude grid. Map legend includes English.