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Térkép > Térkép sorozatok > - amerikai kiadók > Periplus editions
Ár:  2 881 Ft
Leírás: térképArea Maps: North Island 1:2,000,000; Bay of Islands 1:220,000; Rotorua Area 1:220,000; Greater Auckland 1:60,000City Maps: Rotorua City 1:50,000; Auckland City 1:22,500; Inner City 1:15,000Periplus EditionsSzállítási határidő: 2 hét A double sided sheet with an indexed street map for the majority of Auckland and an enlargement of the central area on one side, and on the reverse a main road map of the whole of Greater Auckland. Telephones, bus stations, taxi ranks, golf courses, parking, airline offices, recreational facilities, museums, restaurants, hotels and other places of tourist interest are all marked.
Ár:  2 881 Ft
Leírás: térképArea Maps: Bali 1:250,000, South Bali 1:100,000City Maps: Candidasa 1:10,000, Denpasar 1:20,000, Gianyar 1:25,000, Klungkung 1:15,000, Kuta & Legian Periplus EditionsSzállítási határidő: 2 hét The whole island - with Nusa Penida - is shown at 1:250,000. Hill shading and altitude tinting shows the general relief. Ferries are marked and symbols mark sites of interest, temples, hotel & beach resort locations. On the reverse, southern Bali is represented in more detail at 1:100,000. Additional detail includes petrol ststions, bus terminals, hospitals, monuments.Street plans are included for the Kuta area, Gianyar, Klungkung, Candidasa, Ubud, Denpasar, Lovina Beach, Sanur, Singaraja and Nusa Dua & Tanjung Benoa.
Ár:  2 881 Ft
Leírás: térképArea maps: Cairns district 1: 250 000, Marlin Coast 1: 50 000City plans: Cairns 1: 25 000, Port Douglas 1: 25 000, Kuranda 1: 25 000, Cairns City Centre 1: 14 500Periplus EditionsSzállítási határidő: 2 hét A collection of maps of Cairns and the surrounding area. Indexed street plan of the city at 1:25,000 has an enlargement at 1:14,000 for the town centre and highlights hotels and places of interest. There are also street plans of Port Douglas and Kuranda. A detailed road map shows the Marlin Coast at 1:50,000, with a general map of the Cairns District at 1:250,000, both indicating national parks and places of interest. Plus tourist tips and descriptions of main sights.
Ár:  2 881 Ft
Leírás: térképArea Maps: Cambodia 1:1,000,000; Angkor Temples Area 1:150,000; Sihanoukville 1:40,000City Maps: Phnom Penh 1:17,5000; Siem Reap Town 1:10,000Periplus EditionsSzállítási határidő: 2 hét General map of Cambodia showing roads, railways and airports, and highlighting places of interest. Indexed street plan of Phnom Penh again highlight the cityÆs main sights. The map also includes a detailed plan of the Angkor Wat area. Plus tourist tips and descriptions of main sights.
Ár:  2 881 Ft
Leírás: térképPeriplus EditionsSzállítási határidő: 2 hét Indexed mapping of the Darwin and Alice Springs regions with an overview map of the whole of the Northern Territory. Shows main roads, minor roads and tracks, aboriginal land and national park boundaries, museums, railways, golf courses, hotels and other facilities and places of interest. Includes street plans of Alice Springs and Darwin.
Ár:  2 881 Ft
Leírás: térképIllustrations: 3 area maps; 5 city mapsPeriplus EditionsSzállítási határidő: 2 hét This sheet includes a main roads map highlighting the main sights of Hong Kong & the New Territories at 1:100,000 scale, and street plan at 1:15,000 of the commercial districts around Victoria Harbour. The latter map is indexed for major streets, notable buildings, public services, hotels, places of interest etc. and shows ferry and metro routes. There is also an enlarged street map at 1:10,000 of the Central District.The legend is in English and on the road map many place names are written in English & Chinese characters.
Ár:  2 881 Ft
Leírás: térképIllustrations: 4 area maps & 4 city plansPeriplus EditionsSzállítási határidő: 2 hét Double-sided mapping of Indonesia dividing the country in two sections (Eastern & Western both at 1:4,000,000), and including insets covering the Yogyakarta Area at 1:300K and Bali at 1:500K, and small city plans of Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Kuta Area (Bali) and Nusa Dua (Bali). Combines general road detail with tourist informations and hillshading.All maps are highlighting places of interest, temples and churches, museums and natural reserves. Plus on the city plans and area insets a series of simbols indicates petrol stations, taxi ranks, embassies, information points, hotels and restaurants, beaches and diving resorts.A short list of geographical definitions is translated from Indonesian into English, German, French and Dutch.
Ár:  2 881 Ft
Leírás: térképArea Maps: Japan 1: 2 000 000, Kansai District 1: 200 000, Kanto Area 1: 750 000, Ryukyu Islands 1: 4 000 000City Maps: Central Tokyo 1: 17 500, Central Osaka 1: 15 000, Central Kyoto 1: 15 000Periplus EditionsSzállítási határidő: 2 hét On one side is a general road map of the country showing main roads, railways, ferry connections, province boundaries, national parks. An inset shows the Ryukyu Islands at 1:4,000,000. More detailed inset maps show Kansai district - centred on Osaka - at 1:200,000 and Kanto area around Tokyo at 1:750,000.On the reverse are three city plans showing central Osaka & Kyoto at 1:15,000 and Tokyo at 1:17,500. These show railways, metro lines, hotels, travel agents/airline offices, churches, temples, notable buildings, sites of interest etc. Minor streets are not named, but many locations and names are written in Japanese as well as Roman script.Not indexed.
Ár:  2 881 Ft
Leírás: térképArea Maps: Johor & Melaka States 1:500,000; Greater Johor Bahru 1:70,000; Melaka Area 1:75,000City Maps: Central Johor Bahru 1:20,000; Melaka Town 1:15,000Periplus EditionsSzállítási határidő: 2 hét One side of this double-sided sheet shows the whole of Johor & Malaka states (the southern part of the Malay peninsula) at 1:700,000, reaching as far north as Kuala Lumpur, and south to Singapore. On the other side there are street plans at 1:15,000 of Melaka and Johor Bahru, the latter being indexed for streets, sites of interest, buildings.Part of a series of highly detailed maps covering all major South East Asian travel destinations.
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